Chicago Bears Sign Wide Receiver Allen Robinson


Allen Robinson pic

Allen Robinson

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in theology from Hyles-Anderson College, Sergio Garcia has worked as a sales manager with Chicago Real Estate Leaders since 1995. In addition to selling foreclosed commercial and residential real estate, Sergio Garcia is a passionate sports enthusiast who counts the Chicago Bears as his favorite National Football League (NFL) team.

Despite the Bears missing the playoffs each of the past seven seasons, there is reason for optimism in Chicago. The team boasts a talented young quarterback in Mitch Trubisky and recently filled a major hole in its roster by signing coveted free agent wide receiver Allen Robinson to a three-year, $42 million contract. A 24-year-old native of Detroit, Michigan, Robinson was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 61st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Although he was limited to just one game in 2017 due to injury, the Penn State alumnus has an impressive pedigree in the league. He recorded at least 548 receiving yards in each of the three seasons prior and produced a career-high 1,400 in 2015 while also leading the league in touchdowns with 14. He now has 2,848 receiving yards and 22 touchdowns through 43 career games.