About Sergio Garcia, Indiana

Sergio Garcia (Real Estate)

Sergio Garcia (Real Estate)

The owner of more than $8 million in real estate in northwest Indiana, independent realtor Sergio Garcia discovered his passion for real estate early in life. When he was only 18 years old, Mr. Garcia purchased the house in which he had been raised from his father, spending three years to rehabilitate the property and ultimately increasing its value by more than $200,000.

Although he successfully managed the sale of his childhood home, Sergio Garcia encountered a number of difficulties while investing in properties in the Chicago area, finding rehabilitation work there financially impractical. In 1996, he enrolled at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana, where he ultimately earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Mr. Garcia participated in several campus ministry organizations and engaged in theological studies as well as athletic pursuits including football, volleyball, and softball.

While in college, Sergio Garcia discovered the ample real estate opportunities that lay in the northwest Indiana region. Within two years, Mr. Garcia had rehabilitated more than 50 homes. Banks with Real Estate Owned property passed Mr. Garcia an overwhelming number of foreclosures to rehabilitate, and he soon found himself with an excess of properties in his portfolio.

In his 21 years of real estate practice, Sergio Garcia has sold more than 2,000 properties. Mr. Garcia is able to secure outstanding homes for his clients by rehabilitating the property and often selling it at up to half of its market value. Additionally, Mr. Garcia offers an in-house, no-money-down financing program for home buyers.

In addition to his love for real estate, Sergio Garcia has a number of hobbies, including bowling, hunting, golfing, and basketball. He enjoys living in northern Indiana and spending time with his family and friends.


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