Indoor Equipment for Practicing Softball


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Specializing in Northwest Indiana and Chicago real estate, Sergio Garcia oversees operations at Chicago Real Estate Leaders as sales manager. In his spare time, Sergio Garcia enjoys playing and teaching his children how to play softball.

Practicing softball in a northern state can be difficult certain times of the year due to inclement weather. However, these two indoor tools can help.

Hitting machines

Perfect for practicing an effective bunt, hitting machines also help players work on their swing. The equipment can be set to a specific speed and will pitch balls at a consistent pace, so you can get into a good hitting rhythm. The goal is to hit the ball directly back at the machine each time.


Using a tee makes players focus on fundamentals, such as stance and correct positioning of hands and arms. You should keep your head down and your eye on a ball at all times during hitting practice and concentrate on keeping your back foot planted when swinging through a ball.


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